December 29, 2011

Your full moon haunts me

with its circular reasoning

and maddening gradual ascents

It just sits there, shining,

While we run around like maniacs

In the vague shadows of your light

6 Responses to “Maddening”

  1. i can pretend
    to care no more
    or how
    you put words together
    in this way you do
    until you do

  2. S. Etole said

    as are your
    words …

  3. I am happy to find this… thanks to Glynn. The simplicity of your words are powerful.

  4. I saw the full moon this morning and it took me by surprise, as if I had no clue where I was in the Calendar.

    I love “circular reasoning” and “gradual assents.”

  5. Very good.
    And I like the look of this space.

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