My other site of words,

thanks to

nudging from nAncY,

a poke from Kathleen,

a wink from Glynn,

and a why not from L.L.


Here we all are, then.

10 Responses to “Why Not?”

  1. nance said

    squeeeeeeeeL !!!!!!!

    BIG SMILE !!!

    jumping up and down!


  2. As a rule, I do not blog on Sundays. Or comment on blog posts. Well, you see then how awesome this must be… in order for me to break my rules. (I had peeked in on Twitter and seen this and had to check out the mystery.)

    Here’s to the poetry of you, which I suspect will break rules too. 🙂

    (Seriously, I am overjoyed.)

  3. Very cool, man, very cool.

  4. Eric said

    Awesome Brad! Looking forward to all of your wisdom!

  5. Thanks for giving me the heads up.
    Consider me a fan.
    I can only imagine good things ahead.

    and not to worry re the Kate Bush song. Love her btw. Of course, and I spent way too much time on YouTube , after I found that song and then some others… and well you know how it goes.

    And thank you, again, for “getting” me.

  6. laura said

    I am jumping for joy! I knew you had poetry in you, my friend! I am looking forward to frequenting this place 🙂

  7. A new site?? Don’t you just love beginnings?

    Congratulations for taking the next step.

  8. It appears this site has some history. Yummy. I can’t wait.

  9. Sir Bradley, it looks like I’m about a year late to the celebration of the birth of your poetical site. I found my way here because of miss Nance’s Poetry Seeds bit today that featured “Exposed.”


  10. I love this place that you made. I come to it now and then to soak up the words.

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