Enter the Tide

February 17, 2013


Breaking waves

howl slowly;

they rise, they dip,

a slow crisp

of light

hovers, then fades.

And then comes

the surging scream –

the small, silent serendipity,

that holds us down,

that  holds us together;

Like the invisible string

of lunar pull,

Like the One who beckoned

from the shore,

“Come, eat.”

Only this time,

I look away.

* * *


the tide

swallows another


of the day.

4 Responses to “Enter the Tide”

  1. Nance said

    I see the ocean blue against the sand and sky
    The place where the water reaches and retreats
    I am pulled down
    To be loved or buried
    Holding my breath

  2. nancy said

    death swirls round

  3. nancy said

    it’s path

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