These Gorgeous Things

February 27, 2012


straight out of

the canvas,

These gorgeous things


taking me


quivering, exploding

in rapid-fire beauty,

I have no defense –

densely tilting,

relentlessy sloping


I am dizzy

from the vibrations

of color,

and swoon

with sickness.


You must hold

me down

Lest I


it whole.

I wrote this into my cell phone notes while visiting the Van Gogh Up Close exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

3 Responses to “These Gorgeous Things”

  1. Bradley – AMAZING! I love the raw response, and the close up of the sunflower is beautiful.

  2. Wow! Drawn to read this through multiple times, drinking in words pouring off the canvas, words that reach in and grab hold till I too am “dizzy/ from the vibrations/ of color…” WONDERFUL!

  3. davis said

    dangerously beautiful…the words speak like blue and yellow hues.

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