Clearing the Air

July 5, 2011

The thought occurred to me today –

fluttering like a pretty bird

into my attic.

An Intruder

landing, perched high upon a beam

Like a spirit descending

Without permission.

“Blogging is stupid!”

It chirped.

My hands shooed and shook

in a panoramic sweep

Clearing air and thoughts alike

Dispersing the thick, hazy strands


from some other guy’s web.

Image by nance.

3 Responses to “Clearing the Air”

  1. nance said

    totally entertaining and enjoyable.
    every bit.

  2. You didn’t describe it, but I can see a spider web in that attic, echoing that last line. Sure, blogging is stupid. But it connects me like that a strand in a web.

  3. brilliant.
    and the photo is incredible.

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