Moon and Mermaid

September 6, 2010

The wilting moon

left nothing but black reflections

in its tracks.

Pockets of pools and programs

designed for luck, I think;

drawn mostly upon conclusions –

or rather, contraptions

of our longing.

But the big bet, they say,

is on the mermaid –

her final sway determined, chosen.

“The last big earthly gain

is all about

losing soul.”

She wanted me to trust –

it’s all about giving in.

And then, she said,

as if nothing mattered,

“I’m going for a swim.”

The ripples dipped and darkened,


I thought she might drown.

Photo by Nancy Rosback

4 Responses to “Moon and Mermaid”

  1. ooooh oohooooh good.
    i love this twist and swim of words

    i need
    to read it
    a few
    more times

  2. Glynn said

    Hey, sir, I like this one — the way you use the water metaphors. And that mermaid is soemthing else. Nice one.

  3. muselady11 said

    Ah, the indifference of the mermaid. Yes. Reminds me of one I wrote awhile back. Maybe I’ll post it soon. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Kathleen said

    Watch out for those sirens, you don’t want turned into a frog.
    It makes me happy when you write from the playground of your heart. 🙂

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