Doubt Palace

July 20, 2010

Friday evenings

In Doubt Palace,

We cut the floor just right –


Shimmering gowns

and stained tuxedos,

Moving in circles,

forming lines

like shining deals

awaiting signature;

And there was

just enough champagne

to remind us

that these huddled accomplishments

would never make it

back through

the front gates


“Glass Art” photo by nAncY.

6 Responses to “Doubt Palace”

  1. Kathleen said

    And sometimes ‘huddled accomplishments’ sneak in through the side door dressed as servants. You write good poems. I’m so glad you started this blog here.

  2. katdish said

    Brad! Poetry? Really? Very nice. Who’d a thunk it?

  3. my mind
    is working
    no doubt
    i was at home
    watching tv

  4. I love love the image of huddled accomplishments.

    this is a fine place here.

    and the Patty Griffin songs … fabulous. Thank you. I’d heard of her only. Now I am a fan. It’s been a Tragically Hip week for me, a little Canadian perhaps.

    and I keep forgetting to ask if you have heard of David Whyte?
    Check him out.

  5. oh, and what you said , about buying something I wrote.

    you made me cry.

    thank you.

  6. ran across you on “doub palace’s” blogspot. nice write there bro. i could actually visualize the conversation going just like that; i like.

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