July 10, 2010

I glide transparent

beneath the surface

of the skin

Where even my voice

does not know

it’s own words – 

Swimming in the essence

of bluish rivers

bulging, gone mad;

surging away from its

pulsing mother.

Once nourished,

but now

trapped inside walls of

skin and sinew

organs and tissue,

drowning in blood.

Swimming in salt and

Chromosomic particles

That are not really me.

Not me.

Just the parts I

am made of.


does not always

add up to

the whole.

Photo by Nancy.

6 Responses to “Transparent”

  1. I wonder, Brad, if the same is true of life–that the sum of the parts does not make the whole, and it is only when we are far enough away that we can catch a glimpse of that.

  2. I saw you got inspired, so I had to come over and peer at the results.

    Inspired. Yes.

    I love the way this pushes forward, like the pulsing in the poem. And this, this is my favorite part…

    “Swimming in the essence

    of bluish rivers

    bulging, gone mad”

  3. Glynn said

    The camel is smitten.
    The camel has allowed his poetic heart
    to bulge beneath his skin.

  4. Maureen said

    May I say how swell this is! You have been hiding words in your hump. Glad you opened it up to the words out.

  5. kate smedley said

    Stunning words and image…. and you may perfect sense…

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