Prayer Circles

July 1, 2010


When I was in grad school?

In Boston?

I attended a very

Prestigious, historical church,

and –

They had this college fellowship group?

And, well,

I really enjoyed

getting together every Sunday evening

with other students

from the many fine colleges and universities

in the greater Boston area.

But, then?

I started to notice?

That these people

kind of had

this funny way

of praying in public. 

When the time came

to share prayer requests

and testimonies,

one person after the other

would stand up

and start speaking,

but every sentence would end

with their voice

climbing up? 

As if

they were

asking a question?

While climbing the stairs?

It started with this one girl,

From BU,


She asked for prayer

for her mom?

And then this other girl

from Wellesley?


She got up and praised God

about her roommate getting healed

from some miserable sickness.

But even she –

A Wellesley woman –

also finished off

her sentences

as if they were questions?

Like it made

her sound

more vulnerable?

And spiritual?

And then?

This guy from MIT?


Well, he started asking for prayer

for some kind of surgery

he was scheduled for?

And he used that same tone?

Like he was almost

going to

start crying?


After all the requests were spoken

And rightfully heard,

The leader

Decided to close

the meeting 

in prayer:


We just ask

that you would watch over

our group tonight?

And that

your Holy Spirit?

Would give us


and power?

And, Lord?” 

At this point

It all sounded to me

So ridiculous

That I started



There was no question

About it.

Photo by nAncY.

4 Responses to “Prayer Circles”

  1. nance said

    big big big grin and squinty sparkle teary eyes
    i really like this
    bam ending, man.

    p.s. my dad played with those marbles when he was a kid.
    when i was small, the turquoise and orange one became my fave.

  2. Eric said

    You’ve done yourself good?
    Enjoyable poem?
    Wonderful commentary on, what I see as, insecurity in how people present themselves in public?

    Very Funny!

  3. Did you really start laughing? Oh my.

    Listen, I think you must have been a poet all along. You are late in discovering the truth…


    I love the appearance of “circles” in the title… somehow it wonderfully captures the question thing and the whole dynamic.

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