Morning Walk

June 24, 2010

At 7 am

On a Tuesday

In April,

I carved in

to the Victorian Streets

on one of those

perfect Princeton mornings:

The angle

of the sunlight

was so sharp,

And the air

So crisp,

I could have

cracked it open

With my teeth.

5 Responses to “Morning Walk”

  1. nance said

    i can see and feel it.
    thanks for the picture.

  2. The carving imagery is what makes this more than just a simple description. Nice phrasing!

    • Thank you Joanne! I was thinking of the “cracking open the nut” idea, and decided carving a shell or something would work here in describing the streets.

      • Excellent imagery work. And thanks for the comment on my Ghosts on the Water, Brad(ley?), too. And for your tweets. It’s a fine virtual conversation. Have you published any of your poems other than here?

  3. This one. Yes. Really nice.

    I’ve had mornings like this one.

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