June 20, 2010

Sometimes God is subtle,

and can be

 a real gentleman.

He doesn’t go around saying,

 “You idiot!

 I told you so!

What were you thinking?!”

We are intelligent creatures,

and He allows us

to figure it out

on or own,

even though

He must get

frustrated as hell

watching us

banging our heads

against the walls

of ego

and control

that we put up

in front of Him

day after day.

But, eventually,

we learn,

we grow,

and we take

another step

closer to

the Kingdom of Heaven.

6 Responses to “Mistake”

  1. Glynn said

    That camel snuck his nose under the poetry tent. Now we have to get him in the poetry jams.

    And, I like this one. A lot.

  2. nance said

    this is so true
    so cooL

  3. LL told me, “You’re already writing poetry.” So I thought about it and took these words directly from an essay piece entitled “Forgetting to Remember God” that I wrote last year. This is the end part, before I close.
    Works pretty well as poetry, eh?

    Thanks, LL!

  4. S. Etole said

    Nancy sent me here … thanks to both of you!

  5. And as you begin listening to others, their posts, their words across the table, you will see they are writing poetry too. And sometimes you can lightly lift their words and place them into a poem. 🙂

    I love the very beginning of this the most. God as a real gentleman made me smile.

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